Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stacey Campfield's Madonna-Whore Complex is Showing Again!

Sen. Stacey Campfield, that perennial source of humor, consternation and embarrassment for all people who follow Tennessee politics is once again showing what he really thinks of women: we are all either virginal paragons of virtue or we're worthless whores.

The first time he expounded on this misogynistic theme, it had to do with funding for Planned Parenthood. In this news article, Campfield compared cutting political deals in an attempt to "defund" Planned Parenthood to being forced to kiss ugly girls at the prom. Because, you know, the ugly girls are undesirable and therefore completely useless to Stacey Campfield and every other self-respecting man. Aunt B wrote a very insightful and scathing blog post about this at the time. Quoting her: "Campfield equates a situation where he can’t control women’s healthcare with being forced to kiss ugly girls and a situation in which he can actively harm women by denying them healthcare as being able to take a pretty girl home" have sex with. (Aunt B didn't say that last part, but, come on, I think it's understood, right? I mean, that's why a man would take a girl home, right? Not for stimulating intellectual conversation.)

So, Campfield's latest misogynistic metaphor is about going to the whorehouse looking for a virgin.
That's literally what he titled his blog post. I was a little disappointed to find that this post was really about a Democratic jobs tour. See, Democrats don't know anything about creating private sector jobs, right? (Irony, see?) So, Campfield sees fit to make fun of Democrats for trying to do something about the jobs crisis in Tennessee--which is more than the Republicans have done even though they control both houses of the General Assembly and the Governor's office.

It is so odd and telling that Campfield would bring up this Madonna-whore imagery in reference to something as mundane and non-controversial as jobs. But maybe it's not such a stretch. After all, if things get much worse out there in the labor market, a whole lot of nice Tennessee women may have to contemplate taking up the world's oldest profession.

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